More than a helmet holder

Edited by Inedit LAB

Photo credit: Jean Patrick Bernard

Woodjee is available in various colors:

Woodjee was created by designer Antar Abdelkarim for In edit Lab and finalized with designer Brice Genre.

Its simple and obvious shapes allows to receive and take care of all types of helmets because of its fickle upper part.

Its lower part, slightly curved, is used as a receptacle for rainwater rainwater which drips from the helmet, or can be used as a trinket bowl and receive gloves, phone, motorcycle keys, wallet and other personal belongings.

Photo credit: David Leroy | LUAP Wallet

Photo credit: Fair Play

Woodjee ritual dimension, point out the intimate and vital relationship which exists between the helmet and the motorcyclist. When he puts down his helmet, the rider becomes fully aware of the essential relationship that binds them to the life.

Woodjee fades and focuses our attention on the helmet, a central object that is no longer carelessly put down where possible and weakened by repeated shocks.

The helmet becomes a decorative object that stands with great pride in our interiors.

Our helmet support has been designed, manufactured and packaged in France. It is producted in aluminium, then painted one to one.

Photo credit: David Leroy

Photo credits: David Leroy/Kraether Luca

Ride is a way of life

Woodjee provides you the luxury case at the height of your passion.

Project deposited at INPI.