Photo credit: Ayouni Hassan

In Edit Lab is a young committed design editor company. Its name stands for its ambitions: unusual, impertinent and uninhibited projects. We want to offer a space of freedom to emergent designers who have different backgrounds, influences and universes. We want to help them concretize and develop intrinsically off the wall and dreamlike creations.

Photo credit: In Edit Lab

Sarra Ayouni & Amor Ayouni

Sarra is pragmatic with due attention to detail.
Amor is serene and shares his concerns.

Brother and sister founded In Edit Lab, a young design editor company, outsider in the world of design. They promote an “off” design, between industrialization and limited hand-crafted series. They are both led by the desire to bring an uncompromising, bold and new perspective where imagination and emotion join forces.

« It is fascinating to be part of the creation process of an object, seeing the evolution from the initial sketch to materials, from imagination to reality, from our design office to the store and then to the private interiors »

Sarra is led by her insatiable curiosity and work hard to find technical solutions to give life to the project. Amor is a project management expert and he applies his expertise in action for his passion.

The duo is a model of complementarity, which turns into one conductor at the service of innovation. Together, they explore the technical processes limits and dive into designers’ emotional universes to propose objects that embodies a personality, a story, which gives pause to thought, amuse or fascinate.

« It is necessary to know how to take risks and we make a point of using high-quality raw materials in order to provide useful and elegant objects, iconic objects with a cultural and emotional added value »

Photo credit: David Leroy

Abdelkarim ANTAR


Abdelkarim Antar is a designer who excels in the art of sublimating his creations with precision and sharpness. This autodidact loves to deal with curves and volumes, to bring new approaches, to chisel shapes, and to “tell a story”. Each of his projects invites us to dream and imagination, challenges or questions us about the world around us.


Designer – applied arts teacher for more than 15 years, from Paris Corvisart (Paris XIII) to the design department of Toulouse-Jean Jaurès University, he knew how to combine his teaching skills, to share his passion in his collaborations with Jean Pierre Plouet (DA PSA Citroën), or more recently with Pierre Favresse and Laurène Barjoux developing “ibn” vases for Habitat.


Woodjee is the result of several years of research and has been finalized in collaboration with the designer Brice Genre.